Sunday, January 22, 2006

Be stylish and chic with a Louis Vuitton Neo Speedy

Looking for an outdoor bag for your not-so-formal activities? At times you need to look outgoing and trendy but still voguish and high-class. If you are going to an afternoon tea and you wear those comfy jeans, the leather bag doesn’t go well with it. The clutch bag doesn’t either since it looks too informal.

It’s time to check out Louis Vuitton’s Neo Speedy Denim Bag. Louis Vuitton is the renowned French couturier who specializes on fashion clothes and accessories. He caters to both men and women alike. His accessories collection includes bags, shoes, scarves, even timepieces and jewelry. His bag collection is further classified into city bags, luggage, clutches & pouches, and small leather goods.

Let’s focus on one of his city bags, the Louis Vuitton Neo Speedy Bag. Louis Vuitton’s creations are known for its craftsmanship. And this bag is surely a work of art inside and out.
Looking at the outside, this bag has a classic antique look to it. Its storage space is wide inside and it is closed with a zipper. The bag also has three exterior pockets, all found in front. Two of the pockets have clasps, and the other has a zipper found on top of the two.

The material used for the bag is Vuitton’s Monogram denim. The denim is stonewashed. It is actually double washed to get that worn look. It has Louis Vuitton’s monogram all over the material, meriting the name ‘monogram denim’. Vuitton employs a unique washing process with his denims, so there are no two bags that are exactly the same. At the back of the bag, you’ll notice that the Vuitton logos are inverted. This is one of the marks of a Louis Vuitton creation. The whole bag is made of one continuous fabric, exhibiting Vuitton’s unique craftsmanship.
The handles are made of natural cowhide leather. The yellow stitching which ties the ends together are done with hands, not by machine, as with the other stitches all over the bag. It is because Vuitton’s belief that no machine can replace the certain sleight of hand and the keenness of the eye.

The bag has polished brass clasp on the front pockets with gold finishes for that elegant look. Vuitton’s monogram is etched there too. It has brass rings joining the bag and its handle. Vuitton is particular with detail and exquisiteness. You can expect accents placed on the bag for added artistry.

The bag is secured with zippers. The zipper’s handle is made of the same cowhide material used for handles. The bag also has leather tabs on both ends, where a number is engraved for coding. As expected, you can spot the Vuitton logo marked on both places.

The lining inside is made of mustard colored suede alcantara lining. The bag is spacious inside. It has an inside pocket with a zipper for your small valuables. The date code for authenticity of the bag is embossed on this inside pocket too. And of course, the Louis Vuitton tag is stitched in here.

The bag’s dimensions are 6.3” x 12.6” x 6.3”. It is handheld; since the arms aren’t big enough accommodate the shoulder hole. The bag is notably lightweight, too.

Authentic Louis Vuitton merchandise usually comes with the Louis Vuitton tag, fabric sample, care booklet, and dust bag. You might want to check these additions out to ensure you’re getting the real deal. Louis Vuitton have shops all over the US and world wide.

The Louis Vuitton Neo Speedy bag is ideal for your casual dates and schedules. Its color goes best with your denim jeans and jacket. You can use it during lunch out with friends, going to the mall, picnics, and other related activities.

Louis Vuitton has made his name mostly with his bags and accessories line. Owning a Neo Speedy bag gives you the distinction of taste and beauty, no matter how plain and casual the affair you’ll use it for. His bags also boast handiwork and durability. You’re sure to get your money’s worth. Don’t be left behind go get the Neo Speedy now!


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