Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sleep tight on a Thomas the Tank Bed

Want to give your kids that long, relaxing sleep? Thinking of a present to give him that he’d sure use everyday? Wanting to give him a toy he won’t get tired of? Try Little Tike’s Thomas the Tank Engine Bed. Thomas the tank is the character that comes from the classic television animation series ‘Thomas and Friends’, based on the books by Reverend W. Awdry. Thomas, together with his train friends, travels around the imaginary city of Sodor. Thomas the Tank is the cheeky little tank engine that is willing to embrace good manners, hard work, and the desire to be useful.

You’re sure to send your kids to fantasy land with this bed. Its attractive toy-like appearance is the perfect centerpiece for any bedroom. Just perk it up with matching bed sheet, blanket, and pillowcases. Get dressers, mirrors, stools, or other bedroom items in blue, as this is Thomas the Tank’s color. You can also buy wallpapers with trees and houses design to get the desired effect.
The bed isn’t all looks. Let us line up the features of this Thomas Tank Engine Bed to make it worth your money against other theme beds out in the market. Well for one, the bed actually looks like a train. The design effectively shows the train’s details from roof to wheels to engine. Plus, it has Thomas’ cute smiling face on one end, obviously.
The bed has special crannies that can hold small objects like toy trains, cars, and action figures. It has this, instead of a headboard. If you look at it, this is the roof part of train. Usually, this is the end that is placed against the wall. You can also use this as a bookshelf to keep those bedtime storybooks in.

It also has a storage box in front, below Thomas’ face. It’s the engine part of the train. You can put anything in there. It’s big enough to put in extra pillows, beddings, pajamas, toys, and slippers, not to mention your kid’s bear friend.

There are also molded tracks on the bed where kids can drive a toy train up and down. The tracks are inclined and are on either sides of the bed, running from edge to edge. This addition makes sleeping and waking up fun, too.

The bed is 70 inches long, 39 inches wide and 36 inches tall. Approximately kids ranging from one year to five years old can use it. It can accommodate the standard crib size mattress and bedding. This is ideal as your kid’s transition bed from a crib going to a big boy’s bed.
With these features, you’re sure to give the best to your child. It would definitely give the child access to what he needs whether at night or even during the day. At night, it would be a long restful sleep beside his favorite bear, coupled with those sweet dreams from your fairy tales. And during the day as he wakes up, it would be the nice sunny smile he’d sport as he starts the day playing with his trains, thus sending him jolly throughout the day.

So moms and dads out there, don’t think twice now. Get the Thomas the Tank Engine Bed up for grabs. Get them before it start toot-tooting to the next train station!


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