Sunday, January 22, 2006

Home Decorating on a Budget


We all like our home to be lively and cozy. But decorating the home could be a very expensive feat. It would sure take a lot out of your hard-earned cash to sport that look you are trying to achieve in you home. Should home decorating be only for the rich and the famous? Of course not. Here are some tips that you could do to decorate your home though you are in a budget. Here’s how:

1. Take the common things in your trash and make them usableThings like bottles, jars, vases, old books, cans, and other similar things can be turned into exclusive home decors. A good idea is to spray paint the bottles and put fresh flowers in it. Decorate the water cans and make them unique containers. Bring out that creativity in you and you’ll be surprised on what you can make out of these.

2. Check out garage salesYou’d never know what treasure you can get in there. Like you, other people are renovating, changing, and updating their furniture. Here you might get tables and chairs that definitely won’t cost much. The idea is you can haggle on the prices, too. Best thing also is that you pay in cash.

3. Refurbish you present furniture Why buy when you already have one? If you think your furniture is already out of style, just remodel them. Put new covers on your sofas. Repaint those old cabinets and put new levers. You can make these old home decors look new and stylish in no time. You can save a lot from this tip.

4. Put plants inside the home Plants are not only for the outside. If you are a good gardener, you can replant those flowery shrubs on a flower pot easily. Take them inside and check out the effect. Put fresh flowers on vases from your garden. Flowers make the room lively and smelling fresh.

5. Hang those frames Pictures are good to look at. You can buy a cheap picture frame from a local store and put in your best photo. Hang it on different parts of the wall. Hang three small frames of the same type on one wall and just one large collage frame on the other. These are the home decors that can start up a conversation with your visitor. You can talk about the pictures and refresh the memories.

6. Throw in those pillows You can never get too much of these stuff. Put on bright covers on them and place them around. You can put the small ones on the sofa, and the bigger ones on the floor. You can even make your own pillow. Just sew a straight line on the four ends of a fabric and fill them with foam or batting. These could be bought cheap on local stores.

7. Make your own curtain and customize it Like pillows, these are real easy to make. You get a soft fabric, measure your window, and decide if you’d like to make two sheets for a draped look, or three to four sheets for a different styling. Choose colors that would complement your walls. You can use your old linens and make them curtains. Now sewing needed. Just open the seams on both ends so you can a curtain rod through it.

8. Display your scarves I’m sure women have an assortment of colorful scarves in their linen drawer. Take those out and drape it on top of cabinets, centerpieces, and tables. Place the larger ones on the arms of the sofa. You not only have an exquisite home décor, you can also define a theme with it.

9. Tone down the lights This idea can give your room a little twist. Will it look good on a soft warm glow? The lights will complete your home decorating task. Use indirect lighting to highlight those draperies and artworks on the wall. You can buy soft-tone bulbs if want that effect.

Well, these are but tips and idea on making your home adorable. I’m sure you can think of some more creative ideas of your own. Remember, decorating the home need not be pricey. The whole idea is to save. You just need to follow on the tips above or follow your imagination and you can turn your home into a comfortable, elegant, and attractive place!


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