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Wallpaper Whims and Worries


Wallpapers can dictate the mood of any room. Wall covers most area of any room. Everywhere you look you can see a wall, right? That is why it is very important that you choose the right wallpaper because this becomes the backdrop of your house.

Wallpapers dated back since the time paper was invented by the Chinese. The concept was created when the inventors themselves pasted rice papers on their wall. Today wallpapers have bee an integral part of home decoration. There are thousands of wallpapers designs in the market to choose from. They differ in design, type and texture. Here are tips on choosing that perfect wallpaper for your house.

1. Know what type of material you want Wallpaper is made up from variety of materials. Below are their short descriptions for you reference.

Embossed wallpaperEmbossed wallpaper is a textured paper where you can opt to paint on. It very easy to install on the way and cleaning is a breeze. You can use this type of wallpaper if you want to cover up some wall with slight cracks or discoloration.

Flocked wallpaperFlocked wallpaper is a heavy paper detailed with designs that are slightly embossed. Because of its weight, it may be difficult to install. You might to get professional to hang them for you. Cleaning can be quite difficult and not all flocked wallpapers can be cleaned.
Metallic wallpaper Metallic wallpaper is often referred as foils. Installing might be a difficulty but cleaning up is very quick and easy. Because of its luster, metallic papers can brighten up any room.

Grass cloth wallpaperGrass cloth is a unique wallpaper. It is actually made up of woven grass. Grass cloth is both difficult to hang and clean. When you install it, you might need a specialty adhesive paste. Removing it might also post some difficulty.

Vinyl wallpaper Vinyl wallpaper is the most common wallpaper because it is the cheapest. You would not have a hard time hanging and cleaning this type of wallpaper. They are vinyl types with scrim or canvas at the back of the paper to keep moisture from seeping in.

2. Choose the appropriate design Wallpaper patterns can give a room different looks. Horizontal designs, for example, can make a room appear more spacious. Vertical patterns can add length to the ceiling height of the room. Drop patterns have designs lined up diagonally and can perfectly hide wall imperfections.

3. On hanging wallpapers Pre-pasted wallpaper has a thin coat of adhesive. You can easily hang this type of wallpaper by putting water or activators on the back of the paper. Non-pasted paper is also referred as dry backed paper. There is no adhesive on the back of the paper and you might need to purchase an adhesive paste separately.

4. Check the wallpapers’ features Always read manufacturer’s notes. You can choose a feature depending on the place where you’re going to hang the wallpaper. Stain-resistant wallpaper is appropriate for kitchens and the children’s play room. Wallpapers that are scrubbable means they are easy to clean and very durable. Moisture resistant wallpapers are specially made for the bathroom, or shower walls.

5. Get assistance Hiring a professional is not necessary, but if your budget permits it, why not? You can get wallpaper installers to help you hang your wallpaper especially if it is a heavy-weight one. You have an option to consult home decorators or interior designers to choose the right wallpaper for you. To save up on dollars, just simple invest your time in reading books and home décor magazine or go online for more useful tips.

6. Evaluate your wall If you have perfect walls, then choosing wallpaper would be easy. Wallpaper with a flat finish would look simply elegant. For walls with slight bumps or cracks you can choose wallpaper with textured surface or embossed designs.

7. Where to buy wallpaper You can go to your nearest home improvement stores or a paint store to purchase wallpapers. Interior decorators can also provide you with one but they charge a little high compared to other stores. Sometimes, they even have in-house assistance on choosing the right wallpaper for you absolutely free.

The hunt for the perfect wallpaper can be exciting. Can you imagine what your house would look like with the right wallpaper design, type, and color? A perfect home that could surely bring out smiles.


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