Monday, January 23, 2006

Get the Best Deal on Car Insurance


1. Get a copy of your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

You should have a copy of your driving record on hand before scouting for car insurance. Many found erroneous report on their motor vehicle report. Be sure to double check the details of any incident written in your driving record. Law enforcement agencies might have been a little relaxed on writing car incident reports. It doesn’t happen all the time but they do happen. If ever they are some details you found incorrect, immediately contest them to your nearest police department or to the Department Of Public Safety. Comparing to a credit check where you’re credit history is evaluated; your motor vehicle report is the primary basis on how much your auto insurance rate will be.

2. A low credit class rating means higher auto insurance rates

You credit rating can make a whole lot of difference in applying for a car insurance. According to study, over 90% of car insurance companies based their evaluation that can result to a higher premium if you are likely to file for auto insurance claim solely based on your credit information. Be sure you have a copy of your credit report and check and inaccurate and derogatory information on your record. On the lighter side, you can get a lower auto insurance rate if you have a good credit standing.

3. Get a quote on the car you want plus insurance

There is always rule on how to buy the best cars. Second to that, it’s a big priority to get the best deal on auto insurance rates. You can request a quote on line anytime. This way you can budget out your savings. Remember to add the auto insurance rate cost in your budget if you’re going to be purchasing a new a car. Here’s some sites you can browse: AutoUSA,, or check Autoweb. There are hundreds of them online. Try to check out some sites and compare prices.

4. You don’t need to turn heads

Unless your lifestyle dictates it, you can do away with a BMW Z4 and try to drive a humble Ford car. This would lower down your auto insurance rate to a very considerable amount. You can also get a lower rate if your car is made of steel as opposed to the one made of fiberglass.

5. It always pays to be good in school

Get a lower auto insurance rate by presenting your class card. Students with a “B” or 3.0 grades are found to be a low risks drivers, that’s why most auto insurance companies give them good discounts.

6. Invest your money to a good company

Avoid dealing with cheap insurance company that might pose to have a lower auto insurance rate but in the long run would cause you more trouble and more money. These small companies might offer you poor service and have a high company error rate that would cause a lot of wasted time and money.

7. Choose only the policy that suits you

There a number of insurance coverage you can choose from. You can either take everything or just choose from among them. Here’s a quick list of them:

*Liability - This policy covers physical injuries, damages to property and defense fees. *Collision – This policy covers any damages if your vehicle is crashed to another vehicle, lamp posts, house or any another objects.

*Comprehensive – This policy covers damages caused by natural disaster like flood, storm, hail or wind. This also includes damages by theft or vandalism.

*Medical Coverage – Medical expenses are covered by this policy not considering if the cause is a vehicular accident is your fault or not.

*Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – A personal insurance of the driver. This policy covers for medical expenses and treatment caused by an auto incident.

*Uninsured Motorist – If by chance you are hit by an uninsured driver, this policy covers the damages done to your vehicle.

*Underinsured Motorist – This policy will cover the remaining cost for repairing your damaged car if ever the incident is caused by an insured driver with inadequate liability insurance.

*Rental Reimbursement – In case of a damaged car due to a vehicular accident, this policy will give a daily allowance for rental fee.

*Full Glass – In most states it is against the law to drive with a broken windshield. You can have your glass window fully insured so that there will be no deductible in case it would be damaged.

*Towing - Also known as roadside assistance. Usually if your car breaks down, there would be a $60- $75 deductible.

8. Avail of other discounts

*You can lower down your auto insurance rates if you have air bags and automatic seatbelts in your car. They may even give you a 30% discount on Personal Injury Protection coverage since with these security features you safer hence lesser risk on car injuries.

*You can get a 5% discount if you have an anti-theft alarm system in your vehicle. That is quite a small amount but it is a saving still.

*Insurance companies offer another 5% discount off your bodily injury and property damage coverage if you have anti-lock brakes ANTI-LOCK BRAKES(ABS) in your car.

*Get 10% off on Collision coverage Personal Injury Protection Medical Payments Property Damage Bodily Injury if you completed a driving seminar.

*If you have 2 or more cars insured in one company, you can strike a god deal on discounts.

*There is now what we call safe car, meaning these are vehicles studied to be of less risk on the road. It has a unique design, and added safety features and insurance companies give discounts if you have one of these cars.


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