Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tips on Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet refacing has become a good alternative to homebuilders and renovators. This method is definitely the better option compared to overhauling your entire kitchen. For one thing, cabinet refacing is way faster and cheaper to do.

Cabinet refacing has a lot of good points and a load of advantages. To list them all is impossible. But today, many people prefer to do this because of these very popular reasons:

1. Decorative
Decorative moldings can be added on your kitchen cabinet tops to give it an even more appealing look. Cabinet refacing can also be very trendy and elegant. It definitely provides a big impact on your kitchen as far as improving its looks are concerned.

2. Economical
If you want to give your kitchen a whole new appearance but you do not have the necessary budget for it, then cabinet refacing is a good option. The estimated cost for this project is definitely way lower than changing your cabinets. And so the money you save can be used for other projects you have in mind.

3. Stylish
Do not think that cabinet refacing would not give you as much option as a real cabinet overhaul can as far as design and style are concerned. Actually, you will be surprised with the vast range of options you have. You can choose from a variety of surfaces like pine, cherry, or oak. The refaced cabinets can also come recessed, flat, or raised, depending upon your preference. Different stains can also be selected to match your preferred finish. As for cabinet doors, a lot of them come in an arched design for optimum effect.

4. Functionality
Refacing cabinets are not done mainly because you wanted a different appeal. It can add functionality as well. Some kitchen cabinet refacing can integrate roll out doors and drawers, crown moldings, and decorative glass doors.

5. Fast and Efficient
In fact, the whole process will just take five days to finish. You would not miss your kitchen for way too long. It will be ready faster than if you have your cabinets taken out and installed again.

6. Modern and Trendy
Because a lot of people prefer this method, a lot of companies are specializing in this particular field of interest. And so you can surely find a company to aid and guide you genuinely to achieve a professional and durable finish that perfectly matches your kitchen.

7. Uniformity
Over time, you might have changed a lot of kitchen appliances and furniture. You might have bought items that are deviated from the kitchen theme that you are maintaining. No need to worry because there must be some cabinet refacing designs that will bind all your kitchen's varied items together.

These are the different reasons why cabinet refacing is the more preferred and the better option when it comes to kitchen renovations. If you are interested in this particular method, a lot of additional information can be accessed from the Internet. Better yet, go straight to a professional. Talk to them and you will then be assured of good ideas and superb suggestions straight from the experts themselves.


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