Friday, January 27, 2006

Strut Your Stuff with Coats

Cruella De Ville must have hit some fashion nerve when she puts on her marvelous fur coat. But we are no Cruella De Ville’s and because of highly revered designers we have now, we don’t have to kill all 101 Dalmatians to make an impression with an overcoat. You might also want to think twice in putting on those lavish furs she has. A coat is a necessity in the winter season but with just the right amount of being finicky and some sense of style we might just turn this old timer outfit to a fashion statement. Here are some tips on choosing the best coat.

1. First off, assess your figure.

2. Highlight a good curve with double breasted coat or choose a design where u can overlie the coat and produce a v-neck style.

3. If you are blessed with great hips, accentuate it with a chic shawl coat. Try fur coats that would highlight your hips.

4. On a full breasted figure a turtleneck coat would look formal and sleek; it will make your breast appear an inch or so less.

5. For women more on the petite side do away from bulky coat as it would make you appear shorter. Choose a single-breasted cut coat. Keep it simple and elegant.

6. You can fake an unfavorable figure by choosing a waterfall coat that would just fall down stylishly away from the problem spots.

7. If you go for the classic look, you would never go wrong with black or khaki trench coats over some pair of jeans

8. Your daily activities would also dictate on which coat to pick. Knee length overcoats are best when you drive or if you are more on the go type. Though mid thigh cut would flatter a tall figure knee lengths thigh is more practical.

9. Aside from the style, coats are primarily made to keep us warm. Thanks for Thinsulate technology, we can now junk the bulky and thick coats and go for coats of synthetic material with slimmer fit with more varied style to choose from. They still provide the same warmth big coats do.

10. In addition with woolen coats they are a wide variety of fiber you can choose from. You can prefer viscose, polyester or plaid for inside linings. Suede and leather exteriors would also do to cope with the winter season.

11. If you want to be comfortable, choose coats made with nylon or parka because they are the lightest.

12. In addition to your well-picked coat you can accessorize by putting on a suitable hat, hand warmers or gloves. Just remember that these should all go with the over-all color scheme or style of your coat.

13. For bargain hunters, you can always opt to shop during the springtime when coats are sold the cheapest.

14. Maintain the condition of your fur by dry cleaning them. Never put them in the washer. Proper storage could keep your coats for a lifetime. Closets should have proper air circulation, preferably 50F humidity to give the coats just the right amount of moisture.

15. Invest your hard earned money to quality clothes. Be practical, choose a durable coat (remember good quality doesn’t always come with a high price tag) that suits your taste which you can wear even for the next winter season.

16. Finally, a good fit is always the standard factor in choosing the best outfit. Be sure there is no awkward space between you and your coat and if it becomes you, you’re good to go.


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