Friday, January 27, 2006

Strut Your Stuff with Coats

Cruella De Ville must have hit some fashion nerve when she puts on her marvelous fur coat. But we are no Cruella De Ville’s and because of highly revered designers we have now, we don’t have to kill all 101 Dalmatians to make an impression with an overcoat. You might also want to think twice in putting on those lavish furs she has. A coat is a necessity in the winter season but with just the right amount of being finicky and some sense of style we might just turn this old timer outfit to a fashion statement. Here are some tips on choosing the best coat.

1. First off, assess your figure.

2. Highlight a good curve with double breasted coat or choose a design where u can overlie the coat and produce a v-neck style.

3. If you are blessed with great hips, accentuate it with a chic shawl coat. Try fur coats that would highlight your hips.

4. On a full breasted figure a turtleneck coat would look formal and sleek; it will make your breast appear an inch or so less.

5. For women more on the petite side do away from bulky coat as it would make you appear shorter. Choose a single-breasted cut coat. Keep it simple and elegant.

6. You can fake an unfavorable figure by choosing a waterfall coat that would just fall down stylishly away from the problem spots.

7. If you go for the classic look, you would never go wrong with black or khaki trench coats over some pair of jeans

8. Your daily activities would also dictate on which coat to pick. Knee length overcoats are best when you drive or if you are more on the go type. Though mid thigh cut would flatter a tall figure knee lengths thigh is more practical.

9. Aside from the style, coats are primarily made to keep us warm. Thanks for Thinsulate technology, we can now junk the bulky and thick coats and go for coats of synthetic material with slimmer fit with more varied style to choose from. They still provide the same warmth big coats do.

10. In addition with woolen coats they are a wide variety of fiber you can choose from. You can prefer viscose, polyester or plaid for inside linings. Suede and leather exteriors would also do to cope with the winter season.

11. If you want to be comfortable, choose coats made with nylon or parka because they are the lightest.

12. In addition to your well-picked coat you can accessorize by putting on a suitable hat, hand warmers or gloves. Just remember that these should all go with the over-all color scheme or style of your coat.

13. For bargain hunters, you can always opt to shop during the springtime when coats are sold the cheapest.

14. Maintain the condition of your fur by dry cleaning them. Never put them in the washer. Proper storage could keep your coats for a lifetime. Closets should have proper air circulation, preferably 50F humidity to give the coats just the right amount of moisture.

15. Invest your hard earned money to quality clothes. Be practical, choose a durable coat (remember good quality doesn’t always come with a high price tag) that suits your taste which you can wear even for the next winter season.

16. Finally, a good fit is always the standard factor in choosing the best outfit. Be sure there is no awkward space between you and your coat and if it becomes you, you’re good to go.

Monday, January 23, 2006

HRT? Weight gain?!

Hormone replacement and weight gain

When a woman reaches the age of forty, most often than not, she is close to menopausal stage. Hormone replacement therapy is a medical procedure that is given to postmenopausal women to prevent discomfort and lessen most health problems that comes with age. It is a short- term relief from menopausal symptoms such as irregular menstruation, hot flashes, and fat redistribution, among others. It is also seen as an effective treatment to prevent the risk of osteoporosis. The therapy includes a series of prescription medicines that are specifically works to increase hormone levels in both women and men. To name, the basic body hormones are estrogens and progesterone or in some rare cases, testosterone.

Hormone replacement therapy comes in different forms. It may come in tablets, ointment or cream. Dosage is varied for each patient. Make sure to check on your doctor first before purchasing anything. Usually one may just need the estrogen hormone or just the prostegins. In some cases the intake of both is advised. For men, androgen or testosterone is recommended for osteoporosis prevention and to heighten sexual libido.

There are certain health risks that are associated hormone replacement therapy. Oral intake of progestin and estrogen pills may increase risk of gallbladder and liver problems. Equine estrogens can also be a probable cause of heightened risk of breast caner or even uterus cancer. To some people it may also increase the risk of cardiovascular issues. That is why the American Heart Association released a guideline last February 4, 2004 mentioning that hormone replacement treatment should no longer claim that in can lower down the chances of acquiring cardiovascular disease.

Lately, the debate arises whether being under hormone replacement therapy can cause reduced weight, especially for women. Because of this controversy, several clinical tests were done to specifically observe the connection between weight gain and home replac

On Autism

Genetic Causes of Autism

Autism is a condition wherein children have social interaction and communication difficulties. They have severe problems expressing themselves verbally or non-verbally to others. They are mostly kept on their own, not speaking, or having less interaction with another child or individual whether for leisure or playing games. Autism is commonly observed within the first three years of a child, adult cases of autism can be observed too.

Recent studies have shown that autism could be genetic. Generally, it has been accepted that autism is caused by brain abnormalities and malfunctions. The theory is now being evaluated and finalized as one of the possible reasons a child or individual could be autistic. Experts have outlined several points to back- up the theory which they formulated based on their research.
It has been seen that on the subject of identical twins, it is likely that the other twin will develop autism if one of them does. Although the percentage ratio among research groups varies comparatively, they all agree that the likelihood of the theory is within 50% to 90%. The odds rely on the variables like environment where the child is raised, especially if they are apart during childhood, and of course how they are individually raised in their early years.

There is another theory on autism which is called ‘one-gene causing autism theory’. This states that there is a particular gene present in an individual which is the main reason of acquiring autism. This model is not yet fully proved. Researches have not seen a single cell or gene to date that has the capability to trigger autism by itself.

Consequently, it is also stipulated that there is a need for multiple genes present before autism to occur. This is the exact opposite of the theory above. Here, several genes are considered. An example is, if in the thirty genes that could have caused autism, an individual acquiring any five or more of which would be likely to develop. It is believed in this case that a cluster of genes could cause severe disruptions in the brain, making autism evident.

The most celebrated cause of the genetically caused autism is the discovery of the presence of a gene expression or a gene marker. This theory means that the structure of the genes is altered, therefore giving way to autism. Small alteration in the genetic code which could possibly be reverberation in the protein structure is the main cause of autism development in children and individuals. Gene stresses are being studied as to how these alterations come about. The DNA sequence of an autistic child could still be intact, unlike the already proven genetic-related disorder like Downer’s Syndrome. Accordingly, this alteration in the genes can be inherited. It is further known that the metal content of the food we eat could contribute to it.
There are a few other explanations and theories linking the cause of autism to genes. There seems to be a pattern of autism occurrences within families affected by the defect which is why the theory is further looked into.

Scientists continuously looking into different causes of autism only show the need to cure and understand the individuals with such defect. We, as normal individuals should take on the challenge do whatever we can to support and uphold their recovery and improvement, leading to their alleviation.

Possible Risks of HRT

Related risk of breast cancer with hormone replacement therapy

Menopause is a significant stage in every woman’s life. This stage can be viewed as the ‘trying stage' where most physical and emotional changes occurs. Most women can observe a change in the frequency of their periods. Some can experience a fast cycle of twenty- one days which would eventually be less frequent. When a woman nears her menopausal stage she is more prone to sicknesses. Symptom includes vaginal dryness and discomfort, osteoporosis, mood change, irregular menstruation and hot flashes among others.

Once a woman reaches menopause her body stops producing progesterone and estrogen. These are the two female hormones that are secreted by the ovaries that prepare the woman’s uterus for possible pregnancy. Hot flashes is a result of less estrogen in the body. Most women will the experience troubles in concentrating and constant mood swings. Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that substitutes loss of body hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, to lessen or relieve these menopausal symptoms.

In the 1960’s estrogen became a known medication for hot flashes. In the mid- 1980’s progestins were added to estrogen as a supplemental drug for menopausal symptoms. The term hormone replacement therapy is used if two of the said hormones are utilized for a patient’s treatment. Many studies proved that HRT doses prevent bone loss after menopause thus lessens the risk of osteoporosis.

As any other treatment there are debatable health risks related hormone replacement therapies. The biggest alarm to patients taking HRT is the probable increased risk of breast cancer. A number of researchers believed that there is little increased risk of breast cancer among women who uses HRT on a short- term basis, meaning less than ten years. More than that, they might be prone to a higher risk. On the other hand, for those who have a genetic history of breast cancer or had been previously diagnosed with one, should definitely consult a doctor first before starting with any hormone replacement therapy.

The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) conducted clinical trials that organized two hormonal replacement treatment trials. One with estrogen replacement only and one that utilizes both estrogen and progestin. Breast cancer risks did increase in WHI trial of both estrogen and progestin replacement theory. On the average, there were a total of 38 breast cancer cases per 10,000 women compared to 30 per 10,000 women noted on the previous year. Also, the test resulted to a noticeable abnormality of mammograms among women who took HRT. These added health risk would still have further studies for additional proofs.

In conclusion the WHI test concluded that there is no increased risk of breast cancer of estrogen replacement therapy alone. In fact there is an insignificant percentage of a possible lower risk. But take note that there has been an increase risk of breast cancer if estrogen is combined with progestin, which is what we know of as hormone replacement therapy. Meaning, the presence of progestin is a point to consider in breast cancer risk.

It is very important to consult your physician before deciding to use hormone replacement therapy. Remember that every individual has a different level of tolerance to certain sickness. The possible risk of breast cancer in HRT can be evident to some women and to some it may prove to be beneficial to them. It is crucial to get all possible information and make a mental note of the pros and cons of the treatment. Read related literature and get feedbacks from your friends who used the treatment before. With all this information plus a good advice from your doctor, you can confidently decide if home replacement therapy is right for you.

Get the Best Deal on Car Insurance


1. Get a copy of your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

You should have a copy of your driving record on hand before scouting for car insurance. Many found erroneous report on their motor vehicle report. Be sure to double check the details of any incident written in your driving record. Law enforcement agencies might have been a little relaxed on writing car incident reports. It doesn’t happen all the time but they do happen. If ever they are some details you found incorrect, immediately contest them to your nearest police department or to the Department Of Public Safety. Comparing to a credit check where you’re credit history is evaluated; your motor vehicle report is the primary basis on how much your auto insurance rate will be.

2. A low credit class rating means higher auto insurance rates

You credit rating can make a whole lot of difference in applying for a car insurance. According to study, over 90% of car insurance companies based their evaluation that can result to a higher premium if you are likely to file for auto insurance claim solely based on your credit information. Be sure you have a copy of your credit report and check and inaccurate and derogatory information on your record. On the lighter side, you can get a lower auto insurance rate if you have a good credit standing.

3. Get a quote on the car you want plus insurance

There is always rule on how to buy the best cars. Second to that, it’s a big priority to get the best deal on auto insurance rates. You can request a quote on line anytime. This way you can budget out your savings. Remember to add the auto insurance rate cost in your budget if you’re going to be purchasing a new a car. Here’s some sites you can browse: AutoUSA,, or check Autoweb. There are hundreds of them online. Try to check out some sites and compare prices.

4. You don’t need to turn heads

Unless your lifestyle dictates it, you can do away with a BMW Z4 and try to drive a humble Ford car. This would lower down your auto insurance rate to a very considerable amount. You can also get a lower rate if your car is made of steel as opposed to the one made of fiberglass.

5. It always pays to be good in school

Get a lower auto insurance rate by presenting your class card. Students with a “B” or 3.0 grades are found to be a low risks drivers, that’s why most auto insurance companies give them good discounts.

6. Invest your money to a good company

Avoid dealing with cheap insurance company that might pose to have a lower auto insurance rate but in the long run would cause you more trouble and more money. These small companies might offer you poor service and have a high company error rate that would cause a lot of wasted time and money.

7. Choose only the policy that suits you

There a number of insurance coverage you can choose from. You can either take everything or just choose from among them. Here’s a quick list of them:

*Liability - This policy covers physical injuries, damages to property and defense fees. *Collision – This policy covers any damages if your vehicle is crashed to another vehicle, lamp posts, house or any another objects.

*Comprehensive – This policy covers damages caused by natural disaster like flood, storm, hail or wind. This also includes damages by theft or vandalism.

*Medical Coverage – Medical expenses are covered by this policy not considering if the cause is a vehicular accident is your fault or not.

*Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – A personal insurance of the driver. This policy covers for medical expenses and treatment caused by an auto incident.

*Uninsured Motorist – If by chance you are hit by an uninsured driver, this policy covers the damages done to your vehicle.

*Underinsured Motorist – This policy will cover the remaining cost for repairing your damaged car if ever the incident is caused by an insured driver with inadequate liability insurance.

*Rental Reimbursement – In case of a damaged car due to a vehicular accident, this policy will give a daily allowance for rental fee.

*Full Glass – In most states it is against the law to drive with a broken windshield. You can have your glass window fully insured so that there will be no deductible in case it would be damaged.

*Towing - Also known as roadside assistance. Usually if your car breaks down, there would be a $60- $75 deductible.

8. Avail of other discounts

*You can lower down your auto insurance rates if you have air bags and automatic seatbelts in your car. They may even give you a 30% discount on Personal Injury Protection coverage since with these security features you safer hence lesser risk on car injuries.

*You can get a 5% discount if you have an anti-theft alarm system in your vehicle. That is quite a small amount but it is a saving still.

*Insurance companies offer another 5% discount off your bodily injury and property damage coverage if you have anti-lock brakes ANTI-LOCK BRAKES(ABS) in your car.

*Get 10% off on Collision coverage Personal Injury Protection Medical Payments Property Damage Bodily Injury if you completed a driving seminar.

*If you have 2 or more cars insured in one company, you can strike a god deal on discounts.

*There is now what we call safe car, meaning these are vehicles studied to be of less risk on the road. It has a unique design, and added safety features and insurance companies give discounts if you have one of these cars.

Wallpaper Whims and Worries


Wallpapers can dictate the mood of any room. Wall covers most area of any room. Everywhere you look you can see a wall, right? That is why it is very important that you choose the right wallpaper because this becomes the backdrop of your house.

Wallpapers dated back since the time paper was invented by the Chinese. The concept was created when the inventors themselves pasted rice papers on their wall. Today wallpapers have bee an integral part of home decoration. There are thousands of wallpapers designs in the market to choose from. They differ in design, type and texture. Here are tips on choosing that perfect wallpaper for your house.

1. Know what type of material you want Wallpaper is made up from variety of materials. Below are their short descriptions for you reference.

Embossed wallpaperEmbossed wallpaper is a textured paper where you can opt to paint on. It very easy to install on the way and cleaning is a breeze. You can use this type of wallpaper if you want to cover up some wall with slight cracks or discoloration.

Flocked wallpaperFlocked wallpaper is a heavy paper detailed with designs that are slightly embossed. Because of its weight, it may be difficult to install. You might to get professional to hang them for you. Cleaning can be quite difficult and not all flocked wallpapers can be cleaned.
Metallic wallpaper Metallic wallpaper is often referred as foils. Installing might be a difficulty but cleaning up is very quick and easy. Because of its luster, metallic papers can brighten up any room.

Grass cloth wallpaperGrass cloth is a unique wallpaper. It is actually made up of woven grass. Grass cloth is both difficult to hang and clean. When you install it, you might need a specialty adhesive paste. Removing it might also post some difficulty.

Vinyl wallpaper Vinyl wallpaper is the most common wallpaper because it is the cheapest. You would not have a hard time hanging and cleaning this type of wallpaper. They are vinyl types with scrim or canvas at the back of the paper to keep moisture from seeping in.

2. Choose the appropriate design Wallpaper patterns can give a room different looks. Horizontal designs, for example, can make a room appear more spacious. Vertical patterns can add length to the ceiling height of the room. Drop patterns have designs lined up diagonally and can perfectly hide wall imperfections.

3. On hanging wallpapers Pre-pasted wallpaper has a thin coat of adhesive. You can easily hang this type of wallpaper by putting water or activators on the back of the paper. Non-pasted paper is also referred as dry backed paper. There is no adhesive on the back of the paper and you might need to purchase an adhesive paste separately.

4. Check the wallpapers’ features Always read manufacturer’s notes. You can choose a feature depending on the place where you’re going to hang the wallpaper. Stain-resistant wallpaper is appropriate for kitchens and the children’s play room. Wallpapers that are scrubbable means they are easy to clean and very durable. Moisture resistant wallpapers are specially made for the bathroom, or shower walls.

5. Get assistance Hiring a professional is not necessary, but if your budget permits it, why not? You can get wallpaper installers to help you hang your wallpaper especially if it is a heavy-weight one. You have an option to consult home decorators or interior designers to choose the right wallpaper for you. To save up on dollars, just simple invest your time in reading books and home décor magazine or go online for more useful tips.

6. Evaluate your wall If you have perfect walls, then choosing wallpaper would be easy. Wallpaper with a flat finish would look simply elegant. For walls with slight bumps or cracks you can choose wallpaper with textured surface or embossed designs.

7. Where to buy wallpaper You can go to your nearest home improvement stores or a paint store to purchase wallpapers. Interior decorators can also provide you with one but they charge a little high compared to other stores. Sometimes, they even have in-house assistance on choosing the right wallpaper for you absolutely free.

The hunt for the perfect wallpaper can be exciting. Can you imagine what your house would look like with the right wallpaper design, type, and color? A perfect home that could surely bring out smiles.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Smile Like a Star


With the sudden surge of over-the-counter teeth whitening products on the market, you need to choose the most effective one for you. With the right teeth whitening product, you are a few brush away form that perfect white teeth that you think only celebrities on magazines and on the big screen can have. But not anymore, even you can achieve that perfect smile. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products make it possible for absolutely anyone to achieve those ideal teeth at a very affordable price and totally risk- free. Here are seven tips you should know before purchasing teeth whitening products.

1. Consult your dentist
Start by giving your dentist a visit. He or she can advice you whether teeth whitening products would be effective for your certain teeth type. Whiteners cannot, at all time, correct the discoloration of your teeth. Yellowish teeth can be bleached well but grayish teeth probably won't. Your dentist would also prescribe to you a teeth whitening product which is suitable for you. Carbamide peroxide, which is the active ingredient of all teeth whitening products, has different concentrations. They come in 10%, 16%, and 22% carbamide peroxide. Your dentist would tell you which one to buy depending on your teeth’s needs.

2. Check if you are suitable to go through teeth whitening
Teeth whitening are not for everyone. It’s not recommended for someone under 16 years old and certainly not for pregnant women. Check with your dentist for any teeth sensitivity issues and allergies. Anyone who has problems with their gums, chipped teeth or has cavities and uncovered roots is discouraged from going through any teeth whitening process.

3. Choose from these teeth whitening products
Teeth whitening gelsTeeth whitening gels are translucent peroxide-based gels applied directly unto the surface of the teeth using a small brush. This is usually done two times a day for two weeks. The effect will be noticeable after a few days and would last for around 4 months. Over the counter gels is priced at about $15 for a two-week treatment.

Teeth whitening strips Whitening strips are flat, almost invisible strips that are layered with peroxide-based gel. You need to put on the strip to your teeth, twice a day for 30 minutes for about 2 weeks. Whitening strips are usually sold at $10 to $60 for a two-week treatment.
Tray-Based Teeth WhitenerAt-home teeth whitening system involves a mouth-shaped tray. This is where the peroxide gel is applied on. The tray is then worn for a few hours or even overnight for 2 weeks or longer, depending on your desired results. Choose a kit that allows you to customize the fit; this is better than standard mouthpiece.

4. Know the product you are buying
When buying teeth whitening products be sure of the quality. You can check the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of acceptance on the label. The ADA has set standard and guidelines to ensure the safety and effectiveness of any teeth whitening product out in the market. To get an ADA seal, the product have to go through some series of high standard clinical tests which are quite expensive. Although getting an ADA seal is optional, you could rely on manufacturer’s dedication for quality and safety if they have an ADA seal in their product.

5. Get the opinion of your friends
Aside from your dentist, you can be more confident in buy tooth whitening products that your friends already tried and recommend to you. Remember, they have first hand experience in using the product. You can ask them if the teeth whitening product you intend on buying is easy to use and check how it has been effective to them.
6. Know when to stop Some people become obsessive in getting their teeth all white. If you use too much of anything, something wrong is always bound to happen. Don’t overuse teeth whitening products. Overusing them might cause serious damage to your gums and teeth. It is possible that a translucent bluish tint would be seen around the edges of your teeth which are irreversible. Imagine blue teeth. No way! Stop using the product immediately if you already achieved the desired effect on your teeth.

7. Practice proper oral hygiene
To have that perfect smile, you need to have self-discipline. After using any teeth whitening products, it is imperative that you abstain from drinking dark-colored liquids such as coffee, colas and wines. Also refrain from smoking cigarettes. A healthy diet always guarantees strong, white, healthy teeth.

Choose the best teeth whitening product for you, get the help of your dentist and friends. Try to compare products and read related reviews of them if possible. With your willpower and an effective teeth whitening product, you would be beaming with your set of healthy white teeth in no time!

Home Decorating on a Budget


We all like our home to be lively and cozy. But decorating the home could be a very expensive feat. It would sure take a lot out of your hard-earned cash to sport that look you are trying to achieve in you home. Should home decorating be only for the rich and the famous? Of course not. Here are some tips that you could do to decorate your home though you are in a budget. Here’s how:

1. Take the common things in your trash and make them usableThings like bottles, jars, vases, old books, cans, and other similar things can be turned into exclusive home decors. A good idea is to spray paint the bottles and put fresh flowers in it. Decorate the water cans and make them unique containers. Bring out that creativity in you and you’ll be surprised on what you can make out of these.

2. Check out garage salesYou’d never know what treasure you can get in there. Like you, other people are renovating, changing, and updating their furniture. Here you might get tables and chairs that definitely won’t cost much. The idea is you can haggle on the prices, too. Best thing also is that you pay in cash.

3. Refurbish you present furniture Why buy when you already have one? If you think your furniture is already out of style, just remodel them. Put new covers on your sofas. Repaint those old cabinets and put new levers. You can make these old home decors look new and stylish in no time. You can save a lot from this tip.

4. Put plants inside the home Plants are not only for the outside. If you are a good gardener, you can replant those flowery shrubs on a flower pot easily. Take them inside and check out the effect. Put fresh flowers on vases from your garden. Flowers make the room lively and smelling fresh.

5. Hang those frames Pictures are good to look at. You can buy a cheap picture frame from a local store and put in your best photo. Hang it on different parts of the wall. Hang three small frames of the same type on one wall and just one large collage frame on the other. These are the home decors that can start up a conversation with your visitor. You can talk about the pictures and refresh the memories.

6. Throw in those pillows You can never get too much of these stuff. Put on bright covers on them and place them around. You can put the small ones on the sofa, and the bigger ones on the floor. You can even make your own pillow. Just sew a straight line on the four ends of a fabric and fill them with foam or batting. These could be bought cheap on local stores.

7. Make your own curtain and customize it Like pillows, these are real easy to make. You get a soft fabric, measure your window, and decide if you’d like to make two sheets for a draped look, or three to four sheets for a different styling. Choose colors that would complement your walls. You can use your old linens and make them curtains. Now sewing needed. Just open the seams on both ends so you can a curtain rod through it.

8. Display your scarves I’m sure women have an assortment of colorful scarves in their linen drawer. Take those out and drape it on top of cabinets, centerpieces, and tables. Place the larger ones on the arms of the sofa. You not only have an exquisite home décor, you can also define a theme with it.

9. Tone down the lights This idea can give your room a little twist. Will it look good on a soft warm glow? The lights will complete your home decorating task. Use indirect lighting to highlight those draperies and artworks on the wall. You can buy soft-tone bulbs if want that effect.

Well, these are but tips and idea on making your home adorable. I’m sure you can think of some more creative ideas of your own. Remember, decorating the home need not be pricey. The whole idea is to save. You just need to follow on the tips above or follow your imagination and you can turn your home into a comfortable, elegant, and attractive place!

Sleep tight on a Thomas the Tank Bed

Want to give your kids that long, relaxing sleep? Thinking of a present to give him that he’d sure use everyday? Wanting to give him a toy he won’t get tired of? Try Little Tike’s Thomas the Tank Engine Bed. Thomas the tank is the character that comes from the classic television animation series ‘Thomas and Friends’, based on the books by Reverend W. Awdry. Thomas, together with his train friends, travels around the imaginary city of Sodor. Thomas the Tank is the cheeky little tank engine that is willing to embrace good manners, hard work, and the desire to be useful.

You’re sure to send your kids to fantasy land with this bed. Its attractive toy-like appearance is the perfect centerpiece for any bedroom. Just perk it up with matching bed sheet, blanket, and pillowcases. Get dressers, mirrors, stools, or other bedroom items in blue, as this is Thomas the Tank’s color. You can also buy wallpapers with trees and houses design to get the desired effect.
The bed isn’t all looks. Let us line up the features of this Thomas Tank Engine Bed to make it worth your money against other theme beds out in the market. Well for one, the bed actually looks like a train. The design effectively shows the train’s details from roof to wheels to engine. Plus, it has Thomas’ cute smiling face on one end, obviously.
The bed has special crannies that can hold small objects like toy trains, cars, and action figures. It has this, instead of a headboard. If you look at it, this is the roof part of train. Usually, this is the end that is placed against the wall. You can also use this as a bookshelf to keep those bedtime storybooks in.

It also has a storage box in front, below Thomas’ face. It’s the engine part of the train. You can put anything in there. It’s big enough to put in extra pillows, beddings, pajamas, toys, and slippers, not to mention your kid’s bear friend.

There are also molded tracks on the bed where kids can drive a toy train up and down. The tracks are inclined and are on either sides of the bed, running from edge to edge. This addition makes sleeping and waking up fun, too.

The bed is 70 inches long, 39 inches wide and 36 inches tall. Approximately kids ranging from one year to five years old can use it. It can accommodate the standard crib size mattress and bedding. This is ideal as your kid’s transition bed from a crib going to a big boy’s bed.
With these features, you’re sure to give the best to your child. It would definitely give the child access to what he needs whether at night or even during the day. At night, it would be a long restful sleep beside his favorite bear, coupled with those sweet dreams from your fairy tales. And during the day as he wakes up, it would be the nice sunny smile he’d sport as he starts the day playing with his trains, thus sending him jolly throughout the day.

So moms and dads out there, don’t think twice now. Get the Thomas the Tank Engine Bed up for grabs. Get them before it start toot-tooting to the next train station!

Be stylish and chic with a Louis Vuitton Neo Speedy

Looking for an outdoor bag for your not-so-formal activities? At times you need to look outgoing and trendy but still voguish and high-class. If you are going to an afternoon tea and you wear those comfy jeans, the leather bag doesn’t go well with it. The clutch bag doesn’t either since it looks too informal.

It’s time to check out Louis Vuitton’s Neo Speedy Denim Bag. Louis Vuitton is the renowned French couturier who specializes on fashion clothes and accessories. He caters to both men and women alike. His accessories collection includes bags, shoes, scarves, even timepieces and jewelry. His bag collection is further classified into city bags, luggage, clutches & pouches, and small leather goods.

Let’s focus on one of his city bags, the Louis Vuitton Neo Speedy Bag. Louis Vuitton’s creations are known for its craftsmanship. And this bag is surely a work of art inside and out.
Looking at the outside, this bag has a classic antique look to it. Its storage space is wide inside and it is closed with a zipper. The bag also has three exterior pockets, all found in front. Two of the pockets have clasps, and the other has a zipper found on top of the two.

The material used for the bag is Vuitton’s Monogram denim. The denim is stonewashed. It is actually double washed to get that worn look. It has Louis Vuitton’s monogram all over the material, meriting the name ‘monogram denim’. Vuitton employs a unique washing process with his denims, so there are no two bags that are exactly the same. At the back of the bag, you’ll notice that the Vuitton logos are inverted. This is one of the marks of a Louis Vuitton creation. The whole bag is made of one continuous fabric, exhibiting Vuitton’s unique craftsmanship.
The handles are made of natural cowhide leather. The yellow stitching which ties the ends together are done with hands, not by machine, as with the other stitches all over the bag. It is because Vuitton’s belief that no machine can replace the certain sleight of hand and the keenness of the eye.

The bag has polished brass clasp on the front pockets with gold finishes for that elegant look. Vuitton’s monogram is etched there too. It has brass rings joining the bag and its handle. Vuitton is particular with detail and exquisiteness. You can expect accents placed on the bag for added artistry.

The bag is secured with zippers. The zipper’s handle is made of the same cowhide material used for handles. The bag also has leather tabs on both ends, where a number is engraved for coding. As expected, you can spot the Vuitton logo marked on both places.

The lining inside is made of mustard colored suede alcantara lining. The bag is spacious inside. It has an inside pocket with a zipper for your small valuables. The date code for authenticity of the bag is embossed on this inside pocket too. And of course, the Louis Vuitton tag is stitched in here.

The bag’s dimensions are 6.3” x 12.6” x 6.3”. It is handheld; since the arms aren’t big enough accommodate the shoulder hole. The bag is notably lightweight, too.

Authentic Louis Vuitton merchandise usually comes with the Louis Vuitton tag, fabric sample, care booklet, and dust bag. You might want to check these additions out to ensure you’re getting the real deal. Louis Vuitton have shops all over the US and world wide.

The Louis Vuitton Neo Speedy bag is ideal for your casual dates and schedules. Its color goes best with your denim jeans and jacket. You can use it during lunch out with friends, going to the mall, picnics, and other related activities.

Louis Vuitton has made his name mostly with his bags and accessories line. Owning a Neo Speedy bag gives you the distinction of taste and beauty, no matter how plain and casual the affair you’ll use it for. His bags also boast handiwork and durability. You’re sure to get your money’s worth. Don’t be left behind go get the Neo Speedy now!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Web Conferencing: Not Just In the Boardroom Anymore

Over the years, how business is done has been transformed tremendously. With the onset of internet technology, business transactions had greatly improved. To date, business continues to advance specially in the field of communication.

In the business world, business meeting is an everyday thing. The discomfort of traveling to various places can sometimes be a letdown. But now, everything has turned mobile; location is not a consideration anymore. An alternative to face- to- face meeting, a virtual meeting is the most economical solution for your corporate meeting requirements. In the fast paced world of business, it is inevitable to conduct meetings, seminars or conferences from all parts of the globe, thus incurring high company expenses. Web conferencing is a useful and efficient tool either for board discussions or personal meetings. With modern technology, one party can either be in London or Thailand yet still get to keep appointed meetings without leaving his or her seat in the office.

Web conferencing is a practical alternative to traditional meetings. With web conferencing, unnecessary travel time would be eliminated which could have been allocated for a more productive cause. Air ticket costs are indeed expensive, but on top of that taxi fare plus board and lodging costs are absolutely unnecessary expenses. In contrast, web conferencing provides a cheaper solution that provides pretty much the same basic objectives of a traditional one. It makes it possible for remote employees to keep in touch through both visual and audio means.
Meetings or group seminars are not confined in the four walls of the boardroom anymore. Internet technology made it possible to widen the reach of a company. Getting people to meet up can be an issue. For instance, if you need someone from Europe but your main host in United States and the rest of the participants in Asia, with the power of web conference, bringing them together will not be a problem. Space restrictions and location issues can be completely eliminated.
In a web conference, a participant sits in front of here or his own computer. With a few clicks of the mouse they are instantly connected to other users through the internet. Its basic feature is screen sharing where users also get to see the presenter’s screen. A variation of audio conferences can be utilized via telephone conference, or voIP (voice over IP). Text chat can also be used instead of voice conference. An added advantage of web conference is the option for a playback without the bulky equipments. This vital feature is useful for filing purposes.
A virtual boardroom is created with the same tools that one would utilize on a live meeting. Messages can be posted on a virtual bulletin board or a message board. Power Point slide presentations are commonly used for graphic illustrations. These can also be sent to participants as a file for further reference. Web co-browsing, which when enabled, can be used to simultaneous view website pages that the presenter has access to. A unique application sharing is also a useful feature where one can modify, for instance, a spreadsheet that is on the presentor’s remote computer. Annotation also allows the presentor to mark specific points of his presentation for emphasis. File sharing is also used to send and receive spreadsheets and word documents. Polls and surveys can efficiently sum up all the participants comments and notes regarding the meeting.
Web conferencing is usually hosted on a web server who provides the service. It can charge per minute, give a fixed rate per participant or a per meeting charge. Licensed software are also available for onetime purchase. This would be installed on the user’s own server for unlimited usage. For small group discussions some software can function on a peer- to- peer setup where in servers are unnecessary.

Web conference can also offer a solution if you need quick meetings. It can be readily available any time. You don’t have to arrange for a meeting place or prepare the necessary tangible supplies and hardcopies. Web conference is an on- the- spot help for emergencies that needs thorough discussion.
Web conferencing is an exciting technology that every company should definitely take advantage of. The future of the business industry lies one how a company efficiently conserve time and money. If that would be the case, web conferencing is definitely an effective tool in ensuring growth in any company.

web conferencing

What is web conferencing?

Internet technology has rapidly made its way to everyone’s home and at present, right into the boardroom as well. There is no denying the fact that meetings play a significant role in the hasty world of business. A company meeting does not only needs a lot of tedious preparations but can incur high expenses as well. Air cost, taxi fares, hotel fees and the stress of traveling can all be eliminated. How? Web conference is the answer to one’s woes with traditional face- to- face meetings.

Web conferencing has its origin way back in the 1960’s. Even before the World Wide Web has been in existence, PLATO was created. PLATO is a Computer-based Education Research Laboratory (CERL) which was first used by students of University of Illinois. The main concept of the system is to support hundreds upon hundreds of users at a time through one terminal connecting to a mainframe computer. Structured around this basic idea, PLATO gone great improvements through the years with added features like instant messaging and file sharing. As technology prospers, it subsequently created descendants that were commercially sold integrating the present features of a web conference.

In recent years, more companies make us of web conferencing as means of communication for off-site employees and for home based freelancers. And since offices can be located in all parts of the globe, a virtual meeting is one quick solution for restrictions regarding location and time. An increasing number of companies use web conferencing. In 2004, audio conferencing alone boomed into a multi-billion industry almost overnight.

Aside from a corporate meeting, web conference can also be an efficient tool for sales meeting, trainings, seminars, product launches and demonstrations. It is evident that nothing can persuade consumers better than see- to- believe demos and receiving instant answers to on the spot queries.

Web conferencing uses the power of the internet to connect to other participants, wherever they may be. It enables unlimited users to be logged on simultaneously and communicate with each other in real-time. Web conferencing is also known as computer conferencing. One of the first software of this technology initializes conferences through postings or text messaging on virtual message boards. At present, web conferencing uses synchronized and live discussions in addition to forum and bulletin boards.

Most people referred video conferencing as web conferencing. In reality, they are two completely different concepts. Web conferencing offers more features other than seeing and talking to the other person on the other end on a screen. In a web conference, participants can exchange word documents, spreadsheets or presentation. Message boards and co- browsing also makes it even more interactive and effective.

Web conferencing provides dynamic and user- friendly interface. With the integration of JavaScript, intensive HTML/ XML/ ASP, Flash animation and other software, it is still set to improve. Faster bandwidths and developed HyperText Transfer Protocol enhance the virtual conferencing experience with speedy connection and ample virtual space. All these technologies contribute to the efficiency and interactivity of web conferencing.

One can initiate web conference by purchasing web conferencing software or commissioning a hosting service provider. Hosting services already bundled the use of licensed software together with server space. They can charge on per minute, per user or per meeting fee.

Private companies need not worry about sensitive information that might disseminate through web conferencing. Programs do include encryption and security options that can keep highly classified data safe. A personal login name and a unique password are required for all participants for them to gain access to the conference. TLS and SSL encryption is commonly used to protect delicate company information. A firewall can also effectively safeguard a meeting against obtrusive and uninvited users.

The simplicity of this technology is just appealing. Web conferencing can surely be used even by start up companies. For one, it doesn’t need ultra high- tech gadgets. A basic computer (with a video capture card), a microphone and a web camera are three of primary things one should. Of course, every user should have an internet access to connect with the rest of the participants. A telephone can be a back- up tool when audio conferencing is not provided online.

Web conference is a breakthrough technology that every company should at least give a try. Most software and web conference hosting providers can provide free trials that one can take advantage of. Try one and explore what web conference has to offer to increase the productivity of your company.